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Students are inquirers, investigators and discoverers in Science.


To develop in students a life-long interest in learning Science through inquiry, investigation and experimentation.

Science Curriculum Framework


Central to the curriculum framework is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. The conduct of inquiry is founded on three integral domains of (a) Knowledge, Understanding and Application, (b) Skills and Processes and (c) Ethics and Attitudes.

EFFECTIVE PEDAGOGY (Inquiry – based Approach)

In BHPS, we aim to provide students with hands-on experiences, strategies to increase comprehension of scientific texts, instructional lessons that relate to students' interests, skills, prior knowledge and experiences. These are conducted based on the 5E Instructional Model:


Annual Math and Science Day (Primary 3-4)

Once a year, the Primary 3 and 4 students have an unique experience to immerse in fun and exciting Math and Science activities.  Booths are set up for students to solve puzzles, test their logical thinking skills and conduct experiments that are designed to arouse students’ curiosity and interest in the two subjects. Activities include an Egg Drop Challenge, Tangrams, and Bingo. Students are presented with certificates of participation and commended on their resilience while solving the problems



Students are introduced to the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the school eco-garden. They learn about the uses of the plants, garden animals and the relationship between plants and animals. Students observe the life cycle of butterflies and record their observations.

Fins ‘N’ Claws Tavern

The Fins “N” Claws Tavern is an Aquatic Ecosystem Learning Centre that uses the concept of “environment as the third teacher” and harnesses technology using tablets (both ipads and android pads) to provide students with opportunities for self-directed learning as they collaborate with one another. Apart from developing 21st Century competencies, National Education is also inculcated in the students as they learn firsthand on how Singapore can be self-sustaining in the area of food production. 

Hydroponics (Primary 4)

Students are taught to plant and grow vegetables in the hydroponics farm. The vegetables are harvested and students sell them to friends and teachers. The students are encouraged to be creative in their marketing techniques which may include giving away bookmarks for larger orders and differentiated pricing for different quantities. 

Every Child a Seed (Primary 3)

An Nparks programme started in 2013 to enable students nationwide to commemorate 50 Years of Greening Singapore and that every Singaporean plays a part in greening Singapore.  Students learn about the life cycle of a plant, plant parts and their functions. The values of care and responsibility will also be reinforced. Each student receives with a plant starter kit, consisting of a pot, potting mix and some seeds (Kang Kong, Sunflower, Roselle) for the students to grow their very own plant. This gives them a chance to go through and appreciate the challenges of the planting process, and experience the joy of seeing their plants grow.


Learning Journeys

Outdoor lessons and learning journeys are conducted for all levels to provide students with a variety of platforms to apply the Science concepts in an authentic learning environment beyond the confines of the classrooms. These take place in the form of outdoor activities or tapping on expertise of external organizations like the Singapore Science Centre and the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

  • Learning Journeys and Lessons at the Science Centre and the Singapore Zoological Gardens (Primary 3 to 5)
  • Learning journey to the Sungei Buloh Wetlands (Primary 6)
  • Learning Journey to the S.E.A. Aquarium (Primary 6)

Toy Making Workshop (Primary 3 to 5)

The workshop promote creativity and innovation among the students. Students are create their own motorised toys out of recycled materials based on science concepts they have learnt. The use of recycled materials for the toys also instilled the value of environmental conservation.   Internal selection session was held to identify quality toys for participation in the Sony Creative Science Award. Toys are selected based on creativity and originality of design. 


Practical Test (Primary 3 to 6)

Practical Test 1.jpgPractical Test 2.jpgPractical-Test-3.png

The Science Practical Test is a form of alternative assessment for the P3 to P6 levels.  It aims to assess pupils’ ability to demonstrate Process Skills.

Science Interactive Workshop with Construction of Concept Maps (Primary 3 & Primary 5)

The course foster better understanding of Science concepts through experimental inquiry and concept maps construction. It provides students with opportunities to deepen their process skills through collaborative learning. 

Science Olympiad Programme

The programme is targeted at students with an aptitude and deep interest in Science for them to enhance their Science knowledge beyond the syllabus. The students would take part in Science competitions e.g. the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad to further challenge their knowledge and skills.
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