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Mother Tongue


Effective MTL communicators and appreciators of their respective cultures and values.


To ignite the passion of learning MTL through engaging and fun experiences.

In BHPS, students’ MT language abilities and competencies in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills are developed via opportunities and encouragement to speak, write and make presentations in standard MTL (i.e. grammatical, fluent and appropriate to purpose, audience, context and culture).

Common MTL Programmes

Reading Programme

The Reading Programme aims to cultivate in students a love for reading as reading is the foundation to learn about the culture and language. Age-appropriate books are selected and distributed to the students. Reading strategies are also provided for reluctant and struggling readers to interpret the text. We also hope to foster a sense of responsibility and commitment to reading by emphasizing the joy and success students can obtain from reading proficiently.

Besides stories books, varied reading materials including e-books, magazines and newspapers are used.  For the Chinese department, lower primary students read mainly classic picture books and short stories with Hanyu Pinyin supplemented with activity sheets. Upper primary students read stories with values and are encouraged to do reflections on the values learnt.

ICT Programmes: 10' CMT (Primary 1 - 2)

The 10’CMT programme is introduced to the lower primary students as part of our efforts to improve the learning of the Mother Tongue languages.  The programme aims to enthuse the students to be immersed in the values and culture related to the Mother Tongue. The programme which is learner centered and facilitated by the teachers also promotes collaborative and self-directed learning among the students.

Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTL Fortnight)  

This 2-week long event is aimed at creating an immersive environment for the learning of mother tongue languages. During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to CL/ML/TL language and culture are conducted. These activities provide authentic opportunities for students to use their Mother Tongue Language and experience the culture. School based competitions, learning journeys and cultural camps are organized for all students to encourage team work among the students:

School based competitions:

  • We can sing – P1/P2
  • Stories Alive  - P3/P4
  • Drama in Action – P5/P6
  • One Minute See and Tell  - P5F/P6F

Cultural Camp & Learning Journeys:

  • Language Fiesta – (Primary 1 – 2) 
  • Language and Cultural Camp (Primary 3 – 4)
  • Cultural Carnival (Primary 5)
  • Cultural Tea Chapter Experience (Primary 6)
Enrichment Courses

Creative writing workshops were organized for the Upper Primary students with the objective to widen students’ vocabulary and equipping them with writing skills. For the other levels, enrichment lessons to inculcate good moral values through fun and engaging activities were planned and mounted. 

  • Primary 1 to 2 : Speech and Drama 
  • Primary 3 to 4 : Story Telling 
  • Primary 5 to 6 : Creative writing