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Students are confident and creative problem solvers.


To develop in students a love for Mathematics and equip them with mathematical ando logical reasoning skills for everyday mathematics problem solving and continuous learning.


Our school Mathematics Programme is in alignment with MOE Mathematics Framework.

The Singapore Mathematics Framework

The central focus of the framework is mathematical problem solving, which is using mathematics to solve problems. Teachers are guided by the framework in the teaching, learning and assessment of mathematics concepts.


The framework stresses on five inter-related components: conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, mathematical processes, attitudes and metacognition.


Guided by the belief that students learn mathematics best through hands-on tasks, programmes and activities are planned and organised.  

Math Olympiad Training Programme (Primary 3 to 6)

Math Olympiad Training Programme exposes students with interest and strength in Mathematics to higher order mathematics thinking and equips them with the necessary advance knowledge and skills to take part in various Olympiad competitions. It also serves to cultivate the spirit of discovery through mathematical problem solving.

Math Creative Problem Solving Courses (Primary 3 to 6)

The intent of the course is to engage students in mathematical thinking beyond the classroom. Puzzles and games are also used throughout the courses to arouse their interest in the subject and to help them see the relevance of mathematics concepts in their daily lives. In 2015, international chess is also introduced during the course to develop students’ strategic thinking.

Celebrate 100 (Primary 1)

Students commemorate the learning of the number ‘100’ through some fun-filled activities. They brainstormed items which would be good to have 100 of and items which would not be good to have 100 of. They also created distinctive ‘hats’ which they eagerly decorated with 100 colourful dots. Through these memorable activities, whole number concepts are better remembered and valued by students.

Kitchen Math – Ice-Cream Making (Primary 2 & 4)

To reinforce the concepts that Mathematics is everywhere, Kitchen Math is used to provide exciting authentic learning opportunities for students understand and apply Mathematical concepts. As exact measurements are required in ice-cream making for the products to turn out well, students get to appreciate the importance of accurate measurements and apply Math concepts and skills that are needed to make ice-cream.  Mathematics is now not only fun but yummy for the students !! 

Annual Math and Science Day (Primary 3-4)

Once a year, the Primary 3 and 4 students have a unique experience to immerse in fun and exciting Math and Science activities.  Booths are set up for hands-on exploration of Math and Science concepts.  We hope to arouse students’ curiosity and to motivate them to engage further in these 2 subjects.  Activities include an Egg Drop Challenge, Tangrams, Bingo and other puzzles and experiments.  


Learning Support for Maths (LSM) (Primary 1 to 2) 

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) is an early intervention effort aimed at providing additional support to pupils who do not have foundational numeracy skills and knowledge to access the Primary 1 and 2 Maths curriculum. Students were identified for the intervention through a screening process carried out at the beginning of Primary 1. As our school adopts the full-withdrawal model, the lessons are taught by a LSM teacher and follows that of the mainstream classes but with additional focus on key numeracy skills.   

Math Pull-Out Programme (Primary 3 To 6) 

The Math Pull-Out Programme target students who need extra support in the learning Mathematics. Through the very small teacher-student ratio, the teachers are able to design Mathematics lessons to cater to the learning needs of these students. Teachers trained in the ICAN (Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy) will make use of the strategies during lessons to help the weaker students progress..

Useful resources link for parents  


This great website allows students of all levels to practice mathematics concepts and skills. It also exposes students to puzzles, tricks and projects. Students can also submit their math queries to Dr Math.


This website contains activities that upper primary students can work on to reinforce mathematics concepts and skills. A favourite of this website is Calculation Nation where students can challenge other students from other parts of the world in math strategy games.   

Math Playground

The games on this website give students fun practice in basic math concepts and skills.  

Primary Games

This website features a huge collection of educational games, which students would love. 

Mr Nussbaum

Elementary Math Games

The games on this website are organized by grade level and topics for easy access, and students would love the games featured. 

Math Cats

Students will have fun exploring maths ideas and playing the games featured integrated within the theme of ‘cats’.     

Count Us In

This website caters to younger students who will enjoy the interactive games featured. The games are designed to help students understand basic concepts in mathematics. 

Figure this! Math Challenges for Families

This website showcases challenging problems which students of all ages can work on. Hints and full solutions are provided if students need help with the problems.