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We aim to develop our students holistically through the Art and Music curriculum and programmes in the school which will instil in them an understanding of the physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social and moral dimensions of human experience. We seek to enable every student in developing a variety of skills to appreciate, create and express the visual and performing Arts through the opportunities provided in our curriculum.


The aims of art education are to enable every student
  1. To be visually literate and 
  2. To appreciate art.


The objectives of the syllabus are achieved through the framework of Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating.


The aims of the General Music Programme (GMP) are as follows: a. Develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures b. Develop ability for creative expression and communication through music c. Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music The objectives of the syllabus are achieved through the framework of Listening and Responding to Music, Create Music and Performing Music.


To complement the Art and Music curriculum, various programmes are organised by the school to enhance the level of aesthetics in the school, such as:

  1. Aesthetics Week
  2. Recess Performances
  3. National Day Concert Skit
  4. National Day Art Activities
  5. Termly NAC assembly programmes
  6. AMIS Programmes from P3 to P6