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Information, Communication and Technology


A school with a culture of sharing & exploring the use of ICT for teaching and learning.

Department Goals

1) To integrate the use of ICT in curriculum, instruction & assessment

2) To encourage & create opportunities for teacher collaboration on ICT activities

3) To involve pupils in ICT activities that not only promotes learning but contributing to the society

4) To encourage & develop personal mastery of ICT among staff


A)     ICT Baseline Skills Training

The programmes are based on MOE ICT baseline standards and beyond. Students from all levels are exposed to ICT lessons on top of integrated ICT lessons within the curriculum. The scope and depth of the ICT lessons are catered specifically to the child's developmental age.

B) ICT Programme

1) Fun with coding programme 

To provide basic programming experience to upper primary students, to develop and enhance logical thinking and problem-solving skills through coding. And, it is to enthuse and raise awareness among pupils about computing so as to groom and develop talents needed by the country.

2) Scratch for Primary 2

To provide students with opportunities to develop their critical thinking and problem solving abilities and to expose students to programming skills.

3) Robotic Enrichment programme 

To provide students with opportunities to learn basic and intermediate level of Robotics through hands-on robots building and programming, develop key 21st century competencies and skills such creativity, teamwork and problem solving, and to think critically about simple programming process improve their logical & sequential thinking skills.

C) Cyber Wellness 

The Ministry of Education has developed a mobile app, C-Quest, which will serve as a tool to encourage conversations between parents and their children on cyber wellness. Through the game, students will also learn to be safe, respectful, and responsible users of ICT.

Cyber Wellness Portal for Parents

It provides a repository of cyber wellness resources and practical tips for parents and educators to gain a better understanding and knowledge of cyber wellness.

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Ms Khor Siew Khim ( HOD / ICT )