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Robotics Lab
There will be a Selection Test

The students learn ICT skills to develop their 21st century competencies especially innovation and critical thinking. They will learn mechanical construction of robots and programming.  Students involved in the advanced training will also learn research and presentation skills. 

The students are prepared for inter-schools and national competitions including, National Robotics Competition, Robo cup, Singapore Tech Challenge and World Robo Tournament.


(Thur & Fri)*
3:30 - 5:30 pm Techno Clubhouse / Comp Lab

  • Mdm Goon Yar Guan Jennifer (Overall Teacher-in-charge)
  • Ms Siti Nurulain Bte Jurli
  • Mr Lee Joon Ann
Coach (1GRAPE)
  • Mr Richard Heng
  • Ms Koh Swee Chen
Media Arts
The students learn basic skills of photography and video making. Members get to know more about photography and skills to get those beautiful pictures. The skills learnt in video making include brainstorming, researching, scripting, filming and editing. Members also get to showcase what they have learnt by taking part in competitions including the School Digital Media Awards.

Students will also be involved in creative works like animations and greeting cards.  They are trained in software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Tuesday3:30 - 5:30 pm Computer Lab

  • Mdm Goon Yar Guan Jennifer(Overall Teacher-in-charge)
  • Mdm Lam Shuzen (Teacher-in-charge)
  • Ms Leong Le Ting Chelsia