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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

We believe that Citizenship and Character Education form the foundation for our students’ learning and life. It should thus be integrated as part of everyday school life, within both curricular and co-circular activities. 


Citizenship and Character Education Framework

Our school’s Citizenship and Character Education programme is built on three key thrusts that aim to target:

  • the ‘Head’ through stimulating deep reflection and understanding;
  • the ‘Hands’ through action-oriented experiences; and 
  • the ‘Heart’ through ensuring that activities and lessons are both heart-warming and  engaging.



Character and values are infused into curriculum subjects through various programmes, such as: 
  • P4 Hydroponics and P3 Plant-a-seed programme – The hands-on experience of growing seedlings provide our students a deeper understanding of Science concepts, and brings out the fun in learning. Through the experience, they are also given the opportunity to practice school values of love and care for the environment, as well as responsibility and resilience through the growing process.  
  • Speaker’s Corner – As a part of our English programme, our students are given the opportunity to speak on a selected topic, which both provides the space to practice oracy and public speaking skills, as well as to nurture self-confidence and reflective thinking. 

Time is also set aside during the curriculum to explicitly discuss character, values and socio-emotional skills with students: 
  • Form Teacher Guidance Period – Students are able to build stronger relationships with their teachers and classmates through this time set aside each week. Activities range from fun team-bonding activities that aim to build socio-emotional skills, to sharing on heavier topics such as cyberwellness, managing emotions, and education and career guidance.
  • Citizenship and Character Education – During this time, students learn about values through cultural stories in their Mother Tongue languages. This story-based approach allows children to empathise and put themselves in the shoes of these characters as they discuss character and values.  


Our students also participate in a range of activities outside of curriculum time that provide opportunities to develop their character and values. 
  • Values in Action Programme – Students are given the opportunity to learn and empathise with others’ needs and put their values into action through programmes organised throughout the school year. These include interactions with the elderly who may experience differing health conditions, through partnerships with the Lions Befrienders, the Lions Home for the Elderly, and HCA Hospice Care. Students also have the opportunity to host kindergarten students from the neighbourhood, and take care of their needs. In this way, students are able to contribute to their community, while learning how to empathise with those of differing needs. 

  • National Education and Social Studies Programme – Students experience Singapore’s unique story through our National Education and Social Studies programme, which leverage on Learning Journeys to places like the NEWater Visitor Centre and the Battlebox, as well as fun and engaging celebrations of events such as Racial Harmony Day and Total Defence Day. Through these experiences, students are able to learn about Singapore through hands-on activities beyond the classroom that bring their understanding to a deeper level. Values such as Honour, Love, Resilience, Innovation and Excellence which have been an integral part to Singapore’s success are also woven into the programme as part of its key messages. 

  • Education and Career Guidance – Students are given time and space to explore their interests, as well as open themselves up to various career possibilities through a variety of avenues: interesting games, creation of their own profile and exploration of an interactive online portal, and a visit to the Lifelong Learning Exploration Centre.