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A valued partner in our children’s holistic development.


A vibrant parental community that supports the school to help maximises the potential of every child.

The PSG will support and enrich the school community through

  • providing support and facilitating the effective running of school’s activities and events that will benefit the students
  • assisting the teachers in providing care for students during school’s activities / programmes / events
  • organising activities to foster links among the parents and within the community
  • acting as mentors to students

PSG Executive Committee

Chairperson : Mdm Margriet Koopmans
Vice-Chairperson : Mr Ho Yoon Heng Danny
Members :
Mdm Ngoi Ling Ling
Mdm Chua Bee Lay
Mdm Toh Look Yee
Ms Wini Wong
Mdm Wang Xiao Xia
Mdm Lin Yu Qiong

School Events

 Total Defence Day
 International Friendship Day
 Racial Harmony Day
 National Day Teachers’ Day
 Children’s Day cum Sports Carnival

School Adhoc Events

Learning Journeys 

School Celebrations & Commemorations (e.g. CNY, Deepavali, Hari Raya)

PSG Activities

CNY Potluck & Lo Hei 

Reading Parents 

Annual Parent-Child Bonding Day 

End-of-Year Prize Giving