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School Vendors


The school bookshop is operated by:

BL Marketing Pte Ltd
80 Playfair Road, #07-16, Block B, Kapo Factory Building
Singapore 367998
Tel: 6286 3062
Tel: 6256 5872 (School bookshop)
Fax: 6584 5508

The bookshop will operate from 9 am to 3 pm daily on school days.

School Uniform Information

The supplier for the school uniform is

Asencio Pte Ltd
120 Hillview Avenue #05-01
Kewalram Hillview
Singapore 669594
Tel : 6764 3102
Fax: 6764 1032

The uniform supplier will operate once a week (9 am to 3 pm) during school term as determined by the school and the vendor.

School Transport

Arrange transportation for students directly with the school’s officially appointed school bus operator. Please note that the school only recognizes school buses that carry the official school logo / badge.

Bus Operator:
Yee Giok Transport Services
Tel : 9828 5566