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School Core Values

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Core ValuesWhat it means to us, the studentsWhat it means to us, the teachers
Honour – our Hallmark
  • We value and respect others
  • We make morally upright decisions and stand by them
  • We keep our word and promises
  • We are good role models
  • We do what is right for the students without prejudice
  • We respect students’ ideas and opinions
rEsilience – our Spirit
  • We face challenges positively
  • We persevere in the face of difficulties
  • We bounce back after every setback and disappointment
  • We promote Growth Mindset
  • We find ways to overcome challenges
  • We believe, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

Love – our Culture 

  • We show care, concern and compassion for others
  • We are helpful and generous to others
  • We care for school property and environment

  • We provide a conducive classroom environment for learning
  • We look after the well- being of the students
  • We ensure a safe and secure school environment
Innovation – our Anchor
  • We have a lively curiosity about things
  • We think of better ways of doing things
  • We dare to do new things
  • We actively foster curiosity in our students
  • We embrace changes and take risks
  • We enthusiastically try new ideas so that our students learn better 
eXcellence – our Commitment
  • We set high standards for ourselves
  • We give our best in all we do
  • We uphold the image of the school in the community
  • We prepare and deliver our lessons to engage our students effectively
  • We help students excel in their studies, CCAs and other co-curricular programmes
  • We constantly upgrade ourselves professionally