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Mission & Vision

Mission: A vibrant community that maximises the potential of every individual

Vision: Active Learners, Dynamic Leaders and Enterprising Citizens

Attributes of a Balestierian

Active Learners

  • Self-directed learner ( Students are motivated and engaged in activities (e.g., reading, discussion, writing)

  • Greater emphasis is placed on students' exploration of their own attitudes, values, and prior experiences. Students are involved in higher-order thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation) SDL-Questions, reflects, perseveres, takes responsibility for his own learning (goal-driven);

  • Lifelong learner-Constantly seeks new knowledge(content knowledge, skills and attitudes); Keep themselves updated through listening/reading/observing widely and have general awareness/knowledge (not just focused in one area of learning and have a myopic view of things)

Dynamic Leaders

  • Take on leadership roles and lead actively and responsibly to achieve the goals of the task

  • Have good social emotional skills - thus able to be understanding and encouraging as a leader


Enterprising Citizens

  • Possess the ‘can-do’ spirit ; Is pro-active

  • Flexible, adaptable- willing to take calculated-risks and able to anticipate change and respond accordingly.

  • Current and seize opportunities with possibilities for positive returns

  • Socially responsible and community minded; love Singapore, understand and the world and act responsibly and collaboratively