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Harmonics Express

Harmonics Express aims to nurture students' interest in music and develop their skills in playing harmonica. Students will learn to play and perform a wide repertoire of music pieces. They will be taught the basic skills and techniques to play the harmonica during their CCA sessions. They will also learn to perform as an ensemble, together with other accompanying instruments like the piano and xylophone. 

The CCA also prepares students for competitions like SYF Arts Presentation. The students will also get opportunities to perform at external and school events like Chinese New Year and Prize Giving Day.

Through the CCA, students will cultivate social emotional competencies, 21st century competencies and school core values. 

Tuesday3:30 - 5:30 pm Music Room/ Hall

  • Mdm Shen Pei Pei Faith (Teacher-in-charge)
  • Mdm Liew Yueh Wei Jessica
  • Mrs Jaslyn Tham